Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Sunday Post #55 - 24th July 2016

Welcome to my Sunday Post, a weekly meme hosted by Kimberley over at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer . Join me as I ramble about my week in and out of the blogosphere.

Hello, how you doing?

My holiday is over and I am back at work, it is pure bliss.

My weeks holiday was wonderful but my kids have far too much energy for my liking, on the plus side they discovered Harry Potter this week albeit the films but they are casting spells left right and centre.

Not a lot else happening apart from my incessant planning of Orlando 2016 and my joy at finally getting to see The Late Late Show with James Corden actually on UK television.

Happy reading book bunnies!
Well actually last two weeks since I didn't Sunday Post last week.

2015 - I reviewed Pawnee by Leslie Knope

2014 - I reviewed Surviving the Evacuation #1 by Frank Tayell

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Friday, 22 July 2016

REVIEW - The Walking Dead: Volume 1 Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore

Title: The Walking Dead: Volume 1 Days Gone By

Author: Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 28th September 2006

Source: Own Copy

The world we knew is gone. The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months society has crumbled: no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a world ruled by the dead, the survivors are forced to finally start living.
I won't insult you by explaining the Walking Dead to you, you know what it is about.  The end of the world, hordes of zombies and survivors fighting to survive.

After watching all of the episodes on television, I thought I had better go back to where it all began and read the graphic novel series.  This could be an expensive decision as I rather enjoyed volume one and I think it is on volume twenty something now.

Obviously the tv show and the novel don't always follow the same plot but it was nice to see how the characters were originally imagined.  I mean when I see Rick, I see Andrew Lincoln but this volume shows me the characters in a totally different light.  It also shows how well the casting of the tv show did with matching some of the characters to their on screen counterparts.  

The characters feel wonderfully real, from their facial expressions to the dialogue, all illustrated brilliantly, plus with it being drawn in monochrome shades the world looks suitably bleak.

Yes I know The Walking Dead does feature a lot of blood and gore, something that does not come in shades of gray but those zoms look suitably bloody and nasty, don't worry about that.

Volume One follows Rick's awakening from his coma, his discovery that the world has gone to hell and his family are gone.  Rick finds his family but he also finds new friends, fellow survivors each with their own tale to tell - Carol is not a badass at this point!

I'm still new to reading graphic novels but I have a feeling it is going to expand considerably thanks to this.  Gritty and gripping, it will keep me in zombies until season 7.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY - Electing Love by Victoria Pinder

Electing Love

Today is the cover reveal for Electing Love by Victoria Pinder. This cover reveal is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.

Electing Love (The Collins Brothers #3)

by Victoria Pinder 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age category: Adult

Release Date: 14 August 2016

Gerard Collins is running in the election for Massachusetts U.S. Senator. He put his name on the ballot to help his FBI agent brother crack a crime family. But the masquerade gets more complicated when his Campaign Manager insists that he’s going to need a political wife.

Movie star Nicole Burns aka Nicole Wyland makes millions staring in romantic comedies, yet she’s never been in love. She left Cape Cod to escape her family and sought to pretend to be anyone else other than Nicole Burns. She goes back home to figure out who she is.

When she saw Gerard Collins was running for office, she intended to confront him over his part in her sister’s mental breakdown. But sparks fly and helping him win is far more interesting to her, and her sister’s complicated past stops becoming a barrier to romance. He’s nothing like what she thought, and the fake engagement is becoming excitingly more real the longer she stays.

You can find Electing Love on Goodreads

Want to be notified when Electing Love is available and receive a free novella? Sign-up here on the author's website
“I will not propose to a woman to win an election.” Gerard Collins pinched the bridge of his nose and shoved himself away from the boardroom table.
He then turned his six-foot three-inch frame away from the table and stared at the ground and grimaced. His campaign manager, Barnie, was silent. Gerard assumed he gave the man time to adjust. Barnie always won elections. Gerard had hired him to ensure success, so he turned his big brown eyes toward the man and began his argument. “The Constitution doesn’t say a senator must be married.”
Barnie adjusted his glasses and sat back in his chair. “But the facts are, in America, single men don’t win elections.”
Gerard leaned closer to the table. This was an argument he had to win, and as a lawyer he’d always won his case. “Barnie, it could happen. I’m not on the ticket for President.”
“True, but you’ve dated far too many women in the past few years, and you are only thirty years old.” Barnie pushed his round glasses higher on his nose. Gerard pressed his lips together as Bernie explained in an even tone, “You need to appear stable. If you want to win this thing, then we need to get you a Jackie Kennedy to stand at your side.”
As he rubbed the five o’clock shadow on his chin, Gerard swallowed and glanced out the window toward the autumn grayness of Boston. While Gerard had no intention to win the election, he knew he had to do everything in his power to appear a true candidate. He sighed and shook his head.
“I’ll get the list in order.” Barnie stood and walked away from the table.
Victoria Pinder

Victoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, after passing many tests proving how easy Math came to her. Then hating her life at the age of twenty four, she decided to go to law school. Four years later, after passing the bar and practicing very little, she realized that she hates the practice of law. She refused to one day turn 50 and realize she had nothing but her career and hours at a desk. After realizing she needed change, she became a high school teacher. Teaching is rewarding, but writing is a passion.

During all this time, she always wrote stories to entertain herself or calm down. Her parents are practical minded people demanding a job, and Victoria spent too many years living other people’s dreams, but when she sat down to see what skill she had that matched what she enjoyed doing, writing became so obvious. The middle school year book when someone wrote in it that one day she’d be a writer made sense when she turned thirty.

She's always been amazing, adventurous and assured. It's what gets her through the day.

Her website is Please write as she loves writing back to her fans.

You can find and contact Victoria here:
- Website
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Goodreads
- Amazon

There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of Electing Love. One winner will win a 5$ amazon gift card (US only).

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:
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Friday, 15 July 2016

PODCASTASTIC #2 - The Complete Guide to Everything

The day that I walked in to Night Vale was the day I fell in love with podcasts.  

My phone how ever got pissed off quickly as it liked Angry Birds and that went to the great recycle bin in the cloud to make way for episodes of quirky shows that me, the owner of said phone likes!

Anyway this week I am listening to......

A weekly podcast (new episodes every Sunday night) that hopes to vanquish Wikipedia as the go-to reference for knowledge about anything and everything. 

From North Korea to Nicolas Cage, Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds leave no stone unturned in their humble quest to make the world a more informed place.

I have been on holiday this last week and I have been binging on The Complete Guide to Everything podcasts.  They are hysterical yet strangely informative.

Basically two American dudes, one with an awesome bit of facial hair, the other no awesome facial hair talk about stuff, I mean this week the stuff I have listened to has been random as f***.

I have learnt about ghosts, pricks on Facebook, our great UK television, what to buy from the SkyMall catalogue, ancient aliens and back to school stuff.

I find myself getting weird looks as I walk the dog pissing myself laughing, they have amazing banter and the list of podcasts available is immense, really an amazing body of work.

Check it out and visit their site here.....

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

REVIEW - An Android Awakes by Mike French and Karl Brown

Title: An Android Awakes

Author: Mike French and Karl Brown

Publisher: Elsewhen Press

Release Date: 13th November 2015

Source: Publisher ARC

Your world is manipulated by computer coding, search engines and social networks. It’s just a matter of time before everything you watch, read and listen to will be created by autonomous machines

Android Writer PD121928 is part of the Android Publishing Programme. To replicate their idea of a writer’s life, his partner has been forcibly removed and he lives in solitude with an allowance for drugs and prostitutes. 
He also has just had his novel The Eating of Citizen Kane rejected. He has 14 more attempts to get a novel accepted for the humans by the Programme or he will be deactivated.

Can one of his characters and their story save him?

Living a solitary existence, Android Writer PD121928 is trying to get published, now that may not sound like too big a deal.  Writers are always trying to get their work out there, some of the most popular writer were overlooked for years before making it big.

None of their lives depended on it though.

Android Writer PD121928 has forty two attempts to successfully get his work published, forty two attempts to avoid deactivation. He has already had twenty eight rejections and An Android Awakes shares with us his remaining attempts.  

If he fails to deliver, time is up, he will be deactivated.  Just like that.

A future where machines are everyday life, androids and humans co-exist.  PD121928 is an extremely tortured soul, his wife has gone, his days are filled with prostitutes, his cat (he goes through a few) and his need to write his perfect book, one that will be accepted and adheres to the conditions that are set down for him.

The book contains many stories, it contains the life of PD121928 but that is interspersed with his wonderfully chaotic, violent, deliciously dark sci fi stories all of which are accompanied by illustrations that convey how disturbing life has become and how dark PD121928's imagination is.

A cross between a graphic novel and a novel, this is definitely worth a look.  If you have been brought up on a diet of Blade Runner and Dystopia then you will definitely appreciate An Android Awakes.

Thank you to Elsewhen Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

WHY?..........Can't I Spell Anymore..........#BookbloggerProblems

I dread to think to how many words I have typed out since I started this blog back in early 2014, must be millions, billions - I suppose there is a handy app somewhere that could tell me that sort of thing if it really bothered me - it doesn't.

Anyway I digress (also an excuse to put Jensen in there), today I want to talk about spelling and why at the extremely young age of 37, my spelling is going to pot, like totally randomly all to hell.

I mean some of the things I have thankfully caught myself about to spell incorrectly are quite frankly shocking and embarrassing.

Why the downfall?

I can only assume it is because of the following things-

  • Did I mention I am the very young age of 37, so therefore my brain cells are just scrambled.

  • I have kids, kids are noisy and distracting, did I mention they are noisy?

  • Time, or the lack of it, I find myself typing at bazillion words per second and then looking up and finding I have typed something along the line of hdfkj skjsdhfkdjhf jhskdufhasdf suhsdf.

  • Multi-tasking, I am woman, therefore I multi task, I often blog whilst ironing and cleaning.

I have found myself struggling to remember how to spell basic word and considering I was top speller at primary school it is very bad show indeed.

Examples of my bonkers spelling and bad grammar (yes I am fucking up there too) have included-

Reveiw - FFS I can't even spell one of the main reasons of my blog properly.

Mane - Correct if you are a horse but not if you want to say main.

Their - I used it incorrectly it was something like - their is the something or other, I am so ashamed.

These are just the tip of the ocean, I just find myself happily typing away and all of sudden wham, my spelling skills go right our the window.

Am I the only one in this lonely boat of bad spellers or has anyone else found their wordiness going down the plughole?

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

TOP TEN TUESDAY - Ten Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish

This feature was created because they love and love to share their lists with other bookish folks!

So last Thursday I did 25 random facts about me over at Kissin Blue Karen's Beyond the Books, can I think of another ten random facts?

Hell yes I can!

#1 - If I could eat any food for the rest of life it would have to be salmon, I love it, smoked or poached, it is delicious.

#2 - I am a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda but have yet to finish a game properly with the exception of the game boy classic Link's Awakening.

#3 - I love handbags and have little pouches in my handbags with all my bits and bobs in to allow me to swap bags at a moments notice.

#4 - I have lived in Perthshire in Scotland all my life.

#5 - When I was younger we had a pet pheasant called Peter, he went to live on farm.

#6 - I am fascinated by planes and my favourite plane is the Boeing 747.

#7 - I may love planes but I freaking hate turbulence

#8 - I have worked within the jewellery industry since 2002.  I don't make diamond rings before you ask, I am an office worker!

#9 - I can't listen to audio books but I love podcasts especially Welcome to Night Vale.

#10 - I would love to go to space but only when they invent some sort of instant transportation beam.

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